Future Indefinite Active

No, thanks. The train is just up the street. It won't take me long at all.

No, the restaurant will hold our table.

Well, that's done. Shall we go?

I'll go down to Henry's grocery. He's always open. I'll get some for you.

Alexandra might call. Tell her I'll call her right back.

Oh my! Marilyn and Richard will be home from the hospital any minute, and

And one day, you'll have your own family,

You'll see the chicken house. His house is on the left.

Залог : Active --- Passive will(shall) + 1ф

Tenses 1. Indefinite - 2. Continuous - 3. Perfect - 4. Perfect Continuous
1. Present

2. Past

3. Future

4. Future in the Past

Действие которое совершиться или будет совершаться в будушем.

I will write a letter to-morrow.
Я буду писать(напишу)письмо завтра.