Условные предложения

If you want to adopt an animal

If I make my own decision, I might choose Michigan.

If you had' your choice of all the places in the world,

Honey, if there were any problems, she would call us.

Now, if you take that route, it's probably a lot simpler,

If you had to describe the book in one sentence,

Richard, if you go out and photograph street performances in the city,

It they're as good as the rest of these pictures,

So if you like the street-performance photos,

but if Boswell wins he'll be an important decision-maker on the school board,

Well, if I run for office, the voters will have a clear choice.

Well, how would it be if you took some time to work with Dad towards solving that problem?

I love my school.

If I had a child as cute as Max, I might do the same thing.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could skip the examinations and get right to the graduation party?

It would have been great if we had been able to bottle the smells.




1. Реальные, осуществимые предположения.

(чаще всего относятся к будущему)

If he comes,
If he should come,
Should he come,

Если он придёт,

I shall be glad.

я буду рад.
2. Невероятные или маловероятные предположения.

(относятся к будущему или настоящему)

If he came,
If he should come,
Should he come,
If he were to come,
Were he to come,

Если бы он пришёл,
(может он и придёт)

I should be glad.

я был бы рад.
3. Невыполнимые предположения.

(относятся к прошлому)

If he had come,
Had he come,

Если бы он пришёл,
(но он не пришёл)
I should have been glad.

я был бы рад.