Present Perfect Active

I've always wanted a springer spaniel. She's so cute.

Oh, you poor, poor baby. You've lost your family.

Have you ever.owned an, animal?

You're reading my mind, Robbie.

Except for the beard, he hasn't changed in fifty years. It's Malcolm Stewart!

I remember all of you. You haven't changed a bit.

you've included performing arts centers,

Richard! I haven't brushed my hair.

Look, you've made a very strong impression on our community.

But Alexandra and I have been busy at work this morning on the community-center project. project.

Залог : Active --- Passive have(has) + 3ф(ed)

Tenses 1. Indefinite - 2. Continuous - 3. Perfect - 4. Perfect Continuous
1. Present

2. Past

3. Future

4. Future in the Past

Действие, результат которого налицо в настоящий момент.

I have written the letter.
Я(уже)написал письмо.
(к настоящему моменту)