Present Perfect Continuous Active

I have been talking to a group of salesmen since ten this morning, and I'm real exhausted.

You have been working on this for some time, Richard.

Help me with them, Marilyn.

Yeah. Mike and I had a hamburger at the diner. I came home a little while ago.

We've been listening to you both.

But this is what you've been working for all these years.

Залог : Active --- Passive have(has) + been + 4ф(ing)

Tenses 1. Indefinite - 2. Continuous - 3. Perfect - 4. Perfect Continuous
1. Present

2. Past

3. Future

4. Future in the Past

Длительное действие продолжающееся известный период времени до этого момента.

I have been writing the letter for an hour.
Я пишу письмо(уже)час.